Dunkers Fight 2P

Test your basketball skills with this game of Dunkers Fight 2P for the fans of ABCya sports game for free and take out all the opponents that you get to meet. When the whistle is blown, start moving on the field and get ready for the best basketball experience with your strong competition. The moment the countdown starts, the two players in a match shall have to grab the ball and grab the opponent so that the other one can take control.

You need to try and move toward the opponent's side of the field, all while throwing the ball to make it to the basket. A crucial thing in this game is to resist the opponent if he grabs your ball so that your basket is fully protected. How can you resist him using your swift movement and the best moves?

The goal is to not only keep your basket safe at all costs but also to make it incredibly hard for the other one to hit your basket with such strong protection. In this funny 2-person game, we want to bring a fun and hilarious movement game to boys and girls of all ages!

It's one of the best methods for destressing after a long working time and to make sure that your skills when it comes to sports improve significantly without having to visit the field! More and more games such as Football Champs and Cycling Hero are going to be a special treat for you to share with another friend using the same 2-player mode like this game at https://abcya4.net/! Hit them up and discover the joy of sports by yourself!

Controlling keys:

Player 1 uses A and D keys to move, shoot with W and S keys.

Player 2 moves using the left and right arrows and shoot with up and down arrow keys.