Emergency Ambulance Simulator

Emergency Ambulance Simulator brings one signature gaming theme of car games to the collection of ABCya 2022. Do your best in the crucial task of maneuvering the car to reach the nearest hospital in time. You will need to pick up the patients who either have injuries or need treatments. In this car game, the players will participate in the quest of driving a typical ambulance and carrying out the rescue mission.

To win such a fast-paced simulation game, dive into the 3D world with the best art animations and learn the basic rules before hopping into any level. Each level presents a different set of accidents and a different number of injured people. In a huge city, there will always be multiple accidents that need to be attended to. Do your best to rescue the injured people and provide them with a car and transportation from the hospital on such short notice.

You need to transport all of them from the area where the accident occurred to the hospital. Time is the most crucial element of this game because you need to make sure that all the patients are saved in time. Don't miss out on any person and make sure to keep the car going!

First, learn how to pick up the right patients and hit the gas pedal. Dodge the obstacles or barriers that might cause a collision for the car. It's an intuitive 3D game that is addictive and fun to enjoy, so share it with your group of friends and compete to see who's the best! Gather the most scores to ace the Leaderboard here at https://abcya4.net/! Plenty of car games will test your speed, such as Guns and Magic or Steve On The Platform.

How to play:

Drive the car using WASD keys or the D-pad.

Play on mobiles and tablets using the touchpad.