In this platform game of https://abcya4.net/, Flamit tests the player's ability to overcome obstacles fast and the skills to get the main character to stay alive. Do you enjoy arcade games with so many enemies and challenges that await like this one? Your main job is to light all the torches throughout each stage with your burning flame. However, even your flame will only shine for a limited time range, which means that you will have to try to complete the requirements fast.

Since your flame won't last forever, keep moving forward and stay in the right lane to light up these torches! There will be a total of thirty one-screen levels with side-scrolling features and tons of obstacles, ranging from spikes, shooting arrows, ice enemies, holes, snow piles, and so on. Choose between the two available modes of Normal mode and Speedrun, each with its unique characteristics and requirements for winning.

The faster you manage to finish in Speedrun mode, the more chances you have to claim high scores. However, in Normal modes, the key element contributing to your record is the number of torches successfully lit. Depending on each mode's requirement and specification, it's important to adjust your strategy and tactics accordingly to utilize the maximum of the flame's capacity.

How would you manage to keep the fire lit while dashing through water, holes, and wind? The control key set is simple and the game can be played on both PC and mobiles. Would you like to check out more fun games with diverse genres and categories such as EvoHero - Idle Gladiators from ABCya games 4 kid?

Controlling keys:

Use the on-screen control keys or the keyboard's arrow keys to move.

Use the spacebar to jump, the S key to pass through the door, or enter.