Happy Lamb

Happy Lamb will easily be the next puzzle game that fits your criteria for a fun and addictive game for kids here at ABCya land! Thanks to the colorful animation, great character design, and lovely illustrations of the tiles, this game has captured the attention of tons of kids this month! Let's see how fast you can clear out the board which is filled with tiles, each bears a different imprint or image.

The goal is to click on three consecutive identical images or pictures to bring them to the box. A set filled with more than three similar tiles will automatically be removed from the box, which is how you can gain scores in this game. The chosen ones will be put into the box in the order that you select them, therefore, think carefully about the current set that you are working on in order to avoid choosing the wrong ones.

The box has a limited number of blank spaces. If all the blank seven boxes are full and you still can't clear them, the game will be over. Once you manage to clear the whole board, you can clear the customs and open up the gate for these happy lambs to chew on their delicious grass! If you fail to conquer the levels or take too long, the lambs will get angry and might break the gate!

The gameplay can keep you hooked for a long time with the satisfaction of clearing out the tiles one by one! We bring a collection filled with daily replenished games, filled with unique genres such as Sheep N Sheep or World Cup Differences so that the players here at https://abcya4.net/ can make the most out of their free time!

Controlling keys: use the mouse cursor or the touchpad to choose the tiles.