Hexa Stapler

Hexa Stapler tests your ability to put the pieces together with your memory and puzzling skills only. How good are your arranging skills when it comes to mathematical shapes like the hexagon? Not only is it a fascinating ABCya puzzle game for kids but it's also a good choice for enhancing your skills with shapes of different types. Participate in this quest to collect the required pieces to complete the original version of the hexagon shape.

One huge hexagon shape will be made of many different smaller shapes, so your job is to make sure the pieces are at their rightful places. Different placements create different final hexagons as each shape comes with a single yellow line to signify its direction. Make the decision to choose the placement for each shape separately, and progress through a total of 50 levels with no failure.

Place the tiny hexagonal cells in the right place, or switch to change the direction and compose the right image. Keep turning and changing the direction of each piece if necessary until when you get the right shape. Here at https://abcya4.net/, it's all about using your memory to keep track of each piece's position. Or you can brainstorm and see if you can come up with the position randomly.

It will be quite a fun test for kids of all ages to enhance and improve their problem-solving skills as well as the chance to tap on a free online game. More choices like Whack A Mole With Buddies or Word Search Insects, each with its specialized gameplay and unique theme for both boys and girls, will easily be the nest suitable choices for your gaming time. Check them out when you have the time to see which genre shall be your cup of tea!

Instructions: Move the cells using the mouse