Hopper Bunny

Hopper Bunny brings new gameplay to entertain the kids with not only endless jumping games but also plenty of new features and challenges to come. In this gaming selection from ABCya 2022, you can look forward to multiple micro-games, each with its unique theme, savage addictiveness, and intriguing storyline for exploring. Your main task is to hop from one stump to another while checking out the dodgy items or the traps within the game.

Don't come into contact with any of the dangerous obstacles or characters on the platform or else your turn will be over. When hopping, do your best to go near the placement of boosters, fruits, and other fabulous items for upgrades. Eat carrots to power your bunny and increase the hopping capability or rewards. The more carrots you manage to gather, the higher your scores will be as it's calculated by the number of collected carrots.

Look out for the special snuggling birds which appear randomly in the sky as they will assist you in the extensive jump later in the game. Beware of endless troubles and obstacles throughout your journey and the extra power that you can gather to boost up the power of the hopping bunny. The higher the levels, the harder it is to hop safely through a far distance, especially in spaces filled with dangers.

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Use the left mouse cursor or the on-screen buttons to toggle and control your hopping bunny