Impostor io is an action game that blends the allure of Among Us . You can become the finest alien gladiator to participate in a free-for-all deathmatch.Become the superior life form by defeating other players in! This game is inspired by Among Us and features similar visuals and controls. The gameplay is completely different: no need to worry about sneaking and pretending. 

You are going to enter a battleground where no fighter will show mercy to another. In this entertaining io game, your goal is to stay alive by removing other players. In the beginning, you will be in a large region. You've got a weapon in your hand. Attack the other players with it. You have the option of attacking them from behind! 

We update a lot of similar games with this game to discover when you have free time without being bothered by ads like Mob Control  at abcya 4 for kids. You Get ready for a great game space to prepare to challenge your fighting ability. 


Mouse to play this games!