Mob Control

Mob Control is all about launching plenty of people with the largest number possible in order to make sure that you can bypass these multiplier gates. Each gate has one specific number of required passing respondents. Your job will be to manage your crowd, push people through the multiplier gates and continue to capture all the bases! The key element to winning this ABCya io new game is to choose which multiplier to go through.

The fun will be guaranteed when you participate in this game of 3D graphics, a colorful palette, and the coolest design. The larger the number, the more people you can get after bypassing it. There will be various red gates that come with an individual multiplier for you to explore once you have progressed enough in the game. Let's start moving and increase your number count on the red crowd!

We are eager to see how many people you can gather and clear off the counting bag on the top of the screen. This group of stickmen is going on your behalf to conquer challenging fights. The more people you have, the more chances there are to win against mobs of enemies. Come to learn the skills and organizing technique to clear out the most stages, and multiply it more!

The controlling key set is very simple so that plenty of newbies can enjoy it. All you need to do is swipe horizontally to control the cannon. The cannon will release and dispatch the stickmen that you require. Check the final board to see how well your result has improved after each session! How about exploring more free games such as or from our list of games at Mob Control?

How to play:

dispatch using the left mouse button.

For mobiles and tablets, play with your touchpad.