Tappy Driver

Tappy Driver is all about reacting quickly when holding the wheels of a car moving on the three-lane road. You will be in charge of choosing the lanes and adjusting the car's movement to make it slide smoothly to the part of the road that consists of gold coins. Or in case of dangerous obstacles like spiky items or other cars show up on the path, you also need to change the lane to avoid that.

First, learn how to drive this car with one touch and adjust the transition from one lane to another smoothly. Instead of allowing the car to hop from one lane to another and stay on it like other games, in this ABCya new game, you need to hold the button to keep the car on the specific road lane. Feel free to go around obstacles, aim for the gold coins that will add up your scores, and win the trophy for each high-score turn.

Keep in mind that as a rule of the game, the speed of your car will increase slowly throughout the levels, which makes it harder for players to manage and maneuver. Keep an eye out for the item of gasoline scattered on the road so that you can refuel with gasoline and get a useful bonus. The boosters will become extremely helpful to get you to the finish line quicker.

Also, the keys that you have will help to unlock new car models from the game's garage! All it takes is one touch to play the game, whether you are enjoying it from a PC or mobile. Keep going further on this obstacles-filled road in the countryside and enjoy the fun-themed game for free now! Other similar games like Police Car Armored with different designs and rules are added daily here at https://abcya4.net/!

Instructions: Click or tap the mouse to move.