I Like Pizza

Bring back your cooking knowledge to rock the kitchen in this new ABCya cooking game: I Like Pizza! This game will make any player the best online chef thanks to the variety of pizza dishes that they will be encountering this game! Your mission will be to create the best pizza ever made. Start with the task of collecting the necessary ingredients from the stack in the store and bring them to the kitchen.

Once they are ready, you can earn money by opening a restaurant and selling your pizzas! Stacking up the dough is the first step. Then bake, prepare the sauce, and make the decoration as part of the preparation. The customers will be lining up for your pizzas but make sure to avoid leaving them alone or waiting for too long. You can also expand the restaurant's menu by creating more food like donuts and hotdogs for sale!

The last task you need to do is to collect the money left behind by the customers and clean the table for more to come. Provide the best dishes for your customers and don't forget to upgrade your food frequently to gain more per dish. There are plenty of levels to unlock and win over with your cooking skills. They're more creative ways that you can operate your restaurant and make it profitable using your delicious dishes only!

Our game-level list will facilitate your dream of managing your own restaurant on this virtual platform! Let's see how much money you can earn from selling your cake every day in this game from https://abcya4.net/. Unlock the other quest and adventures taking place in more games like Donut Stack  for fun. Don't forget that you can freely share all of these games with your friends at no cost!

Controls: Play and interact using the left mouse.