Long Neck Run

Long Neck Run is a fun and addictive parkour arcade game. Collecting circles of the same color as your character, the character's neck will become longer and longer, and being taller than a giraffe is possible. On the contrary, if you collect the wrong color, your height will be reduced. The taller you are, the higher the score you will eventually get. Want to have a long neck like a giraffe?

How will you respond assuming you are sufficiently tall to peer down the Effiel Tower? Here at Abcya 4 free is a gathering arcade game with 3D stickman game workmanship activitys. Your objective is to gather however many of similar brilliant rings as your ongoing tone as you can while running forward to the completion stage. Then you will see increasingly tall structures and things. I really want to believe that you will open taller structures!

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Swipe to move