Mahjong Dogs

There are many ways that you can elevate the simplified classic Mahjong game, and one of them is to imprint the cutest dog theme on them! Get rid of the existing pairs of blocks that are similar in terms of images and win this Abcya new game as fast as possible. The tough part of any mahjong match is the fact that you can only choose to match the open pieces.

The pieces need to have either the left or right side open and no overlapping with other ones. Do your best to pick out all the possible pairs from the first layer before moving on to the next. Hints will be helpful for you to get out of the stuck time, however, refrain from overusing these precious limited hints. Only use them when you need to bypass a blockage. To make more connections with the limited open tiles, you will have to fight against the clock as well. Try to clear the board before the time runs out or else the match is incomplete. The more unused hints you have left, the more bonus you will gain. The saved time will be another element to calculate your scores, besides the hint count. Let's see if you can showcase your talent in this game from and clear off the board with the least moves.

Among these 24 levels, be prepared for a different number of tile pieces, unique sets of layouts, as well as plenty of overlapped pieces that will make encoding them harder. Your mastery of Mahjong classic game will be tested for sure with the free gaming option available for kids of all ages. New games like Fairyland Merge And Magic will be the next choices that are perfect to spice up your playtime with friends and family, so don't miss out on this chance!

Controls: Choose and match with the mouse.