Red and Blue Stickman Huggy

Red and Blue Stickman Huggy is the new summer gaming option that you can freely share with your friends and family while having fun during the holiday! Help these two stickmen move toward the escape door on all levels with a limited number of lives. Two of them move simultaneously throughout the platform using two different sets of control keys. This means that you can either control them both with your amazing flexibility or grab another friend to tackle the challenges together.

Move from one block to another and try to grab the key as it's the sole key to open the door. The brothers in red and blue move on the same route but with different rules. Reaching the door is one thing, however, keeping the two brothers on the right colored lanes is another task in this ABCya 4 online game. Pass these different obstacles like the high block, spiky holes, traps, deadly monsters, and swinging balls that will crush your characters easily.

Don't come into contact with any of them and make sure to grab both characters before moving on to the next levels. The player who manages to reach the gate with only one chance and bypass the others with the least contact with the obstacles shall be the top player on the Leaderboard.

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Controlling keys:

Move the 1st character with WASD keys, and move the 2nd character with arrow keys.

Double-tap on the W key or up arrow to double jump.

Use the touchpad to play on tablets and mobiles.