The Angler

Fishing turns out to be quite a leisure hobby that all can enjoy, especially with the free virtual version called The Angler at ABCya land. There is no need to do all the hassle of packing, preparing, and going to a pond to fish. Now, you can enjoy the quiet hunt and the pleasure of capturing the fishes from the living room or the bedroom. As one of the team members of the anglers club, you will help the main character fish for the biggest catches from the pond. How will an experienced avid angler do in such a situation of a small pond and limited turns?

You need to control the movement of the rod, the direction as you cast it, and of course, the timing. Those will be the crucial elements in determining whether you can capture the fishes in this pond or not. Everything necessary for your fishing trip has already been packed on the boat, therefore, feel free to use them to your advantage.

A tip for the newcomers is that your location for fishing shall be a pre-fed place with a collection of fish that is different in sizes and colors. As they are scurrying there, choose the perfect timing when one passes by your location to cast the bait and wait. Choosing the position and the direction for casting carefully will bring great results for you later. The controlling keys of this game from are not too complicated so that both adults and kids can enjoy the gameplay and high-quality graphics. You can use the bomb to remove the catch if you mistakenly captured the rocks or useless things. Keep on fishing in other refreshing games like Flappy Ball and Homer City 3D

Controls: Move with left and right arrows, drop the rod using the down key, spacebar to use the bombs.