Flying Orange

Flying Orange is a platform game in which you'll control a little orange to escape the dangers of space with the help of your Jetpack. Funny man orange went on a journey to the remote corners of the country in which he lives. You will keep him company in the game Flying Orange. In front of you, your character will be visible on the screen, which will be located in a certain area. Using the control keys you will force him to run forward.

On the way your hero will come across various obstacles and traps. You, leading the actions of the character, will have to make sure that your character jumps over all these dangerous sections of the road. Everywhere you will see scattered items that your hero will have to collect. For each object you pick up, you will receive points, and your hero will be able to receive various kinds of bonuses.

It's the great graphics and a cute set of characters that attracted tons of kids from all around the world to this version of the game. Explore the endless gaming list with good choices like SCP Laboratory Idle Secret and Funny Battle Simulator  or from the website of ABCya 4th ! Play now and have a great time.


Left arrow key = move left

Right arrow key - move right

Z = jump

X = use jet

You can modify the configuration of the controls in the game menu