Iceland Limo Taxi

In Iceland Limo Taxi, we are recruiting for a limo taxi cab driver who has the ability to navigate in the forest, overcome the strange terrains of hilly mountains, and deliver the tourists. Your job will be to pick up those tourists and drive them to one of the most beautiful hilly areas on this mountain. However, it will not be easy since you have to control a long and big limo taxi while moving on the bumpy roads, steep paths with lots of obstacles and sharp turns. One wrong move and your limo might end up at the bottom of the mountain.

Despite it being a little bit dangerous, this ABCya driving game still stimulates the fans of car games to take a chance and enjoy the adrenaline rush of the experience. It's a thrill to enjoy driving on such a challenging path that most of the players can't bear themselves to take a chance. This game has the main theme of simulation to make 3D realistic graphics and various action moves that you can control.

Make sure to keep check of the main map so that your limo doesn't get lost. The ultimate goal is to reach the destination to transport the tourist, so hit the gas pedal and drive now! At, we add daily car games to the collection such as Real Car Parking Mania Simulator and Car Wash Unlimited so that is never repetitive!


Drive the limo using WASD or arrow keys.