Mahjong Fishing Combats

Mahjong Fishing Combats is a turn based mahjong game in which you play with an opponent. When your turn comes, you can draw a pair of similar fish with their price. Each pair gives you the money which is written on the tiles. Try to earn more money than your opponent to win the combat. There are 3 modes of this game. In single duel you play with a virtual player.

Have fun with this entertaining new game Mahjong Fishing Combats is a arcade game on ABCya4 for kids and many other mahjong games. This is a turn-based mahjong game that you play against an opponent. When it is your turn, you can draw a pair of similar fish. Each couple hands you the money indicated on the tiles. To win the battle, try to earn more money than your opponent. This game has three modes. In a single duel, you compete against a computer-generated opponent. In the hot seat, you may play with a friend on the same device. In the campaign, you will play one-on-one with a large number of virtual players.

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Tap the similar tiles which has at least one open side. You can use mouse or any other pointing device or touch.