Master Archer

Master archer is simple arcade game abcya, where you have to shot as many fruits as you can. Enjoy the best archery game on the market. If you want to score more, improve your accuracy and hit the fruit in the center. You should be a good shooter or else you cannot pass the level. 

Play the role of the Master Archer and shoot down the fruit on top of the poor boy’s head in this fun online shooter game! Your goal is to shoot the apple and earn some score. You get points per fruit that you hit. But don’t miss! Try not to hit the poor peasant boy for more than two times or the game will end and the boy will suffer some injuries. It will be fairly easy at the start of the abcya 4 game, but your distance from the boy increases and the arrow trajectory gets progressively blurrier, until it’s completely invisible. You’ll have to guess the trajectory when that happens. Good luck!

Enjoy with

★ How to Play?

- Simple touch the screen, hold and release to launch the arrow.
- You can shoot the fruit in the center and get 2 or even 5 times better score.
- Collect bonus letters by hitting fruits on first shot and earn one more bonus arrow.

★ Features:
- Realistic physics simulation and sound effects
- Realistic animations.
- No time limit.
- Many different kinds of fruit.
- Easy and precise archery controls.

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Controls: Mouse