Metaverse Dash Run

In order to escape the pursuit of this purple gorilla in our new game Metaverse Dash Run, the players here at ABCya land will need to run, hop, jump, and interact wisely! It's a new platform game where running is the main theme. On your running route, other scattered obstacles, hindrances, traps, and weird meta coins are useful. Don't hesitate to collect more power-ups and grab these coins to upgrade your character and boost the power.

First, learn how to navigate on the path that you are about to run. While running away from the giant gorilla, make sure to keep a balance and stable pace. As you jump over these obstacles, your pace and capability will slow down. Enjoy the responsive design and amazingly designed graphics of the game to spice up your gaming experience!

Earn and unlock the different powers as well as purchase upgrades from the store, which can be helpful for conquering your latest records. Running away from the gorilla might be hard, but you can continue to keep a safe distance to make sure that your game can go on for a long time! Discoveries are available everywhere, therefore, moving forward with your tips and crossing all the available locations.

A tip for newbies is that in this endless game, the one who can keep his or her stability and constant pace will be the one that has the most chances to win. Share these tips with other online gamers and continue with more cool games like Castle of Magic for a blast! The list of gaming options here at is updated on a daily basis, therefore, visit us every day for a surprise!

How to play: Click the left mouse or tap on the screen to make the character jump.