Super Rainbow Friends

Get your hands on this action-based game from the latest gaming selection of ABCya land: Super Rainbow Friends - where the players who love a fast-paced gaming experience will be able to thrive! This is the game genre in which you will participate in the work of competing for first place in all mini-games. The rules and game mechanism change depending on each mini-session, but the usual key point is to stay alive.

There are multiple characters in different colors of the rainbow, and they will be reaching out to defeat you. Run and move to compete against them in each stage. Do whatever it takes to avoid being killed while moving. From dodging, and hiding, to searching for the way out, do your best to defeat any player that is intending to approach you. The more stars you can collect, the higher your ranking will be.

Evade all the obstacles to finish the race before any other player. Do whatever it takes to escape from the rainbow friends and collect scattered stars to unlock other characters. The coins required to unlock the upper-level characters will increase slowly. How fast can you solve a match and find the way to get out?

Don't forget about the random attack waves from other players as they will be lurking around the corners. Would you like to explore more games with the same storyline of Among Us characters? Or explore some other action-based gaming options with top-notch graphics and design such as Christmas Bridge Runner? Feel free to roam the space here at and find the good games that suit your taste!

Controlling keys:

One-click on the left button to jump, and click twice to double jump.

For mobiles and tablets, tap on the screen to jump and play.