Mini Switcher Plus

The only activity that you need to do in this game is to switch the gravity on and off to get to the final destination or the final exit door of all stages! Mini Switcher Plus is a new game for multiple players who are great at controlling gravity and take advantage of it well. Your main task in this game is to gather the most valuable items scattered along the way and get to the finish line safely.

First, get to know the mechanism and the rules of the game by following the tutorial of the first few levels. Once you have understood how the game works, start hitting the journey to learn how to conquer the top scores. Guide the pink blobby character down the road and route of each maze while learning how to switch the platform on time. Choose the most suitable moment and when the character changes the direction switch gravity on and off accordingly.

As you progress in this game, the higher your level is, the more enemies you will be facing. Dodge the obstacles as well as the enemies swiftly and make sure to test out the new speed run mode when you reach that state. Here at, kids get to enjoy this game's newly updated graphics and retro-themed design along with the special challenge in terms of gameplay.

Showcase your ability to pick the most suitable timing and the best position to switch gravity force and use it to your advantage. Feel free to load up the scores and climb the rank of the top-score players in this online game! Other equally cool games such as Zoo Slings or Fruit Sort Puzzle, each with its unique point and highlights to make your gaming time a bit more fun!

Controls: Use the X key or spacebar to switch gravity.