Money Movers Maker

Money Movers Maker is a free HTML5 game which is playable abcya games. This is the special edition of the money movers game series and in this one players can create and share thier own customized levels. If you have not played the original then the aim of the game is to steal the money and treasures without being caught by the police and get away to safety. Escape from the levels other players have created.

At, you can play each level solo or with a friend to maximize your chances with team work. You must pay attention to your surrounding and come up with a plan to outsmart the authorities so that you can carry out your heist without any hiccups. Enjoy thousands of unique levels in that players worldwide are making in this amazing Money Movers Maker game!

Look for Ray And Cooper 2 or Destroy The Stickman.

How to play

Small character controls

AD to move

W to jump

Big character controls

Left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to jump