Paint Roll 3D

Paint Roll 3D shall be a good test for the players who are trying to enhance their estimation and painting techniques to claim the top spot at ABCya 4 kid games! Your job will be to choose a single color from the given set and start painting with a brush. The ultimate goal in this funny color-matching puzzle game for kids is to create the exact paint marks on the screen.

Moreover, the game mechanism requires you to take advantage of the brush and track the provided sequence to paint the pattern at each level. Different levels come with a unique layout and different settings, so do your best to adapt quickly and come up with the fastest route for painting. How do you intend to ace this painting game with one trial? As long as you can find the bottom marked line and start from there, there will be higher chances to complete the corresponding levels easily.

Take a look and find out the starting point first. Once you have come up with the solution, start moving the brush and smear the colored paint accordingly. The more accurate you paint, the higher your total record will be. Keep in mind that there's no limit on how many times you can replay a level in this game, so try to perfect your estimation and draw the best-colored lines!

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How to play:

Click, drag, and hold the mouse cursor to move the paintbrush.

Interact using the mouse cursor or touchpad.