Pixie Accident ER

While practicing, the little pixie in Pixie Accident ER fell from the tree and injured herself. We need the best doctor to join the ER team in this ABCya game and help treat the pixie and clear any injury on her body quickly! Your job is to simply follow the comprehensive tutorial in the game and carry out the tasks one by one. First, assess the level of damage of each injury, then decide what's best to use. It's crucial that you follow the steps carefully while finishing the tasks on time to move onto the next one.

Learn the basic steps of emergency care and ER such as how to hold the flowing blood, how to bandage, and how to carry out surgery on site. All the tools that you need to finish your missions are here, so all you have to do is to stay focus. Don't miss out on any medical procedure or else the wound will not be fully recovering.

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How to play: Click on the tools to interact and treat the pixie.