One Button Speedway

One Button Speedway is the new platform for bike lovers to get their spot on an intense and unique version of a racing game! If you are familiar with the classic races on bikes in other ABCya racing free games, you will be surprised at the simplicity yet thrilling sensation this version of the game brings. Instead of having to control all the gears, turning points, gas, and brake, you only need to control your drifting momentum in this game.

Start the race by getting on the bike and start driving down the lanes of a high octane sport. This speedway is round and curvy to make your ability to estimate and predict the drift shines. Keep in mind that you will get a topdown view of the lanes, which makes it easier to control the upcoming curves and points of the trip. Not only will you need to use your driving skills to win this fast-paced sport but you need to use your timing technique as well.

Take tighter turns on the corners and accelerate when it hits the straight line. You can use your unique tactics and strategy to win the game even faster! Moreover, the players can also utilize the combination of hold and tap for the perfect turn. Your three competitors on the tracks are Dave, Terry, and Eva. Overcome the barriers and bypass them all to secure the 1st place position on the ranking board! 

If you are a fan of racing games, this one will no doubt keep you hooked for hours thanks to the increase in speed and difficulty. Even though the layout of the track is the same, you will find more challenges in conquering as you progress further in this one. Don't lose the chance to explore some other free games like Traffic Tour and Police Car Chase from our website to have a blasting game time!


Click and hold the spacebar to drift.