Mr Shooter

Mr. Shooter will be the best collection of shooting exercises for the new shooters who are looking for a good ground. The game is a simple aim and shoot genre in which you will aim using the red laser line as a guide, then click to shoot. One of the toughest parts of this ABCya shooting game is the limited number of bullets. The number of targets changes in each level so does the number of bullets. Use all that is given to you to take down the enemies without failure. With a total of 80 levels and tons of different challenges as well as background change, the players will get to experience one of the most unique shooting game with this one.

First, learn how to control the movement of your character and the aiming line since these two play the most important roles. In order to aim correctly, move your fingers gently. If you have the ability to aim precisely, why don't you challenge yourself by aiming two targets at a time? A straight bullet with proper line can go from one target to the one that is behind and take them both down.

Moreover, when you progress to higher levels in this game from, you might even have to deal with moving targets which will be harder but more exciting. Don't panic and maintain the composure to win this shooting game by yourself! Let's show the world how good a shooter you are with the best shots. Take advantage of blocks to achieve the perfect base and height for shooting different targets also. Keep participating in more fun games like Rotated Dots and Fireman Jet to refresh your daily free time!

How to play: Drag the mouse to aim, hold, and click the left mouse button to move the aiming line and shoot.