Puzzle Guitar

Puzzle Guitar will bring back the childhood fun with the classic, simple yet addictive joy of arranging the puzzle pieces. Like any other jigsaw game, this one also consists of many scattered items which are placed all over the board. Your mission is to dash through all 12 images available in this ABCya game and recreate the original images successfully for all. There will be 3 options that you can select when it comes to choosing a difficulty level, ranging from Easy to Medium and Hard.

The differences between these options lie in the number of pieces, the scattered layout, and the time control. You will need to focus and devote your attention to this puzzle in order to solve it in the shortest time range. Moreover, players can look out for some unique features updated in this version such as the new image choices, vibrant graphics, and user-friendly interactive gameplay. Such a great test will not only challenge your passion with a jigsaw but also allows you to practice and get better at it. The game calculates your used time per image, therefore, pay attention to the time to make sure that you do not overuse or get stuck for too long. Simply take a look at the original for a few seconds at first to memorize the pieces' positions before the mechanism starts scrambling them up.

Once mixed, the pieces will be all over the place and even might interlap to make spotting your required pieces becomes harder. Keep exploring different images with more puzzle gaming selections such as Ojek Pickup and Tangle Master 3D, which is also available in the free list for gamers in https://abcya4.net/! Let's see if you can beat other players in terms of time and observation and claim the top title in this game!

Instructions: Click and drag the pieces to move them.