Puzzle Rotate Animals

Running against the clock while competing for the work of rearranging the puzzle pieces of this game in Puzzle Rotate Animals - our ABCya 4th cool game for boys and girls to explore! What you will be doing in this casual game is to think of the original frame. Once you have grasped the basics, guess what each detail looks. Once you have come up with a suitable imaginary of it, rotate the pieces to match that frame.

There is more than just one piece that needs rotating, so try to arrange them all in time. There is a countdown clock starting hitting at the top of the screen once you hit the start button, so pay attention to it. Keep in mind that you need to race against the time and make sure to rearrange the pieces as fast as possible. There will be a limitation of a dozen seconds for you to complete the task per stage only, so be fast and unlock the next level.

There are 10 levels, each one comes with a different frame of unique animals that has a different layout, separate placing, and the most vibrant colors. Each level will be locked and only opened when the previous is cleared, therefore, follow the roadmap and make sure that you can conquer them all!

Time is of the essence, as well as the ability to form the original image from scattered pieces of images. Grab another friend and share this amazing free game from https://abcya4.net/ for a great time competing against the clock! We have a whole category filled with free games such as Unlocking, each with new features and unique themes that will easily spice up your playtime!

How to play:

Click using the left button or tap using the finger to rotate the pieces.