Ricochet Arrow

Be brave and pick up your bow to finish off all these scattered skeletons in this game from ABCya land called Ricochet Arrow! This new game is a perfect gaming selection for you to kill off not only the dangerous skeletons but also to kill off some free time. Let's get the game rolling with these 50 different levels and plenty of different layouts! The goal for each level is to defeat the skeletons showing up on the screen without being hurt.

As you launch your arrows, you will find that they bounce back when coming into contact with the walls. This means that you need to be extra careful with the corners that might bring the arrows back to your character's position. Learn how to aim and choose the direction carefully with the dotted guideline before launching your arrow. There is no limitation on how many arrows you can use, therefore, feel free to use as many arrows as you need, but make sure to use them smartly and don't shoot yourself.

If possible, finish off all skeletons in one go! This game is all about aiming and estimating the movement of the arrows so that you can take advantage of the weapons wisely. However, the tough part will show up in the higher levels where the risk of being hit by your own arrows increases significantly.

Go ahead and explore this game with your friends or family to share the fun and see who can be the first skeleton killer to win! More games like Friday Night Funki Big Brother come with a diverse range of themes and rules, so take the time and visit the one that catches your eyes later! They are all available for free at https://abcya4.net/ so that kids of all ages can freely explore.

Controls: Click and drag the mouse to aim and shoot.