Sling Tomb

Sling Tomb taps on the new combination of arcade and puzzle genres altogether. Your task will be related to the work of solving the puzzle and grab on the next correct point. However, the movement requires some swiftness and flexibility that is usually found in arcade gaming selections. Let's help your little pet - the monkey - to move to the final door of the level.

In order to complete that, start slinging and bouncing from the lower points to the top ones. While finding out the way to take advantage of the momentum and gravity, you should keep an eye out for obstacles as well. Deadly traps such as the gaps, deep holes, spiky wheels, and sharp blocks will be huge threats for your pet if contacting. Once you have grasped the basic of the game, feel free to go up and race against the water for your life.

Some prominent tasks and missions are the work of climbing the tomb tower, discovering the way out of the maze, collecting scattered gold coins and diamonds, as well as gathering more power-ups. The gained coins can be used to unlock new pets and purchase unique skins as well as customizations to make your character stand out.

Keep your position on the top ranking of the game and learn how to progress even further on the toughest levels! We recommend that you share the fun time with some friends or pay a visit to more exciting gaming selections such as Bubble Shooter Candy 2 and Farm Pic Tetriz later! There are various types of sub-genres for kids of all ages here at with no costs whatsoever!

How to play: 

Click and release the left mouse button to swing and control the character's movement.

Interact using the mouse cursor or the touchpad.