Stack Fall 3D

Your target for shooting in this ABCya shooting game is the circles that are rotating on an axis in the center of the game screen. Enjoy the lovely 3D graphics that show the best experience to the fans of crushing games with the features of item-shooting and aiming skills. To be the best player, your ball needs to break any alignment that shows up in this game called Stack Fall 3D.

However, while you are eliminating towers, don't let the ball touch the black line of the grid, or else the game will be over. It's quite a challenging game since not only will you need to use the basic gaming methods but you also have to constantly upgrade your ways of handling the ball. The difficulty level will surely increase throughout the levels, but don't be afraid. The tutorial guarantees that you can overcome all new rules and challenges of this wonderful world of crashing towers.

The kids fall in love with the satisfaction they enjoy when they succeed in crashing the blocks or when they see the infrastructure being ruined by the ball. Would you like to check out more games from this genre at such as Pull The Pin and Choli Sky Jump? You might get addicted to these latest games in a short time thanks to their high-quality entertaining themes.

How to play: Play the game using the left mouse and by dragging the mouse cursor.