Steveminer Home

Let's hit this new version of the game with a similar theme to the classic minesweeper, but with more twists and flying objects alongside Steve in this arcade game of Steveminer Home! Find the way to cross the screen from the left to the right and get Steve back to his home safely! It's not gonna be easy as the game requires more than just a simple jump and dodge movement. Explore more at

There will be a scattered station of rockets that shoot the bullets, rockets, and missiles aiming at your character. Moreover, tons of TNT mine boxes are falling from the sky. How will you be able to overcome this minefield full of dangers and get home safely? Make sure to escape the TNT rain successfully while jumping over the bullets. The two most important techniques that we are looking for in this game is the timing estimation skill and flexibility.

Coordinate your eye and hand well to make sure that no box-shooting arrows and knives can hit your man. Keep away from the knives coming out from the ground and make sure to avoid the walls. If you crash into them, there are chances that your scores will reduce significantly. Plenty of new challenges will pop up once you manage to hit the higher levels yourself.

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Click A key to stop,

W key to jump, double W key to double jump.