Tom Memory

In this Abcya idle game of Tom Memory, we are going to test your ability to distinguish these stacks of cards with the image of Tom and his friends. You will be conquering this puzzle game with many levels, each with a different number of pieces and images. All players' task is to remember the location of the identical pairs on the board and make sure that you can keep track of them later.

First, there are only two pairs on the screen. However, as you progress to the higher levels, the number of pairs shall increase slowly to make the challenge more and more difficult. Use your memory of the cards' positions to flip over the correct identical pairs. An identical pair of cards is a pair with similar images or themes. All pictures are flipped over to show the players for a few seconds before starting the game.

Then they will turn to the other side. This is when you need to reopen the right ones with your perfect memory! Don't forget that you can use the turns to keep flipping the cards over. However, this will not be efficient in gaining top-ranked scores or finishing the level with the least number of moves.

If you can reduce the number of moves used, you will be able to bring home more bonuses in comparison to other opponents' records. There are a bunch of newly added gaming options for you to share with multiple players such as Magical Jigsaw from the list of abcya 4 grade, so don't hesitate to pay a visit now! Don't skip any pair of cards and make sure to complete all the mini-mission as well!

Controlling keys: Click on the cards to flip them over and match the pairs.