Magical Jigsaw

Magical Jigsaw is one of the famous fantastic jigsaw games that has just been added to the list of free puzzle games with a wide range of images. The main theme that the kids will be exploring in this game is the magical and fantasy theme, with colorful designs and detailed drawn images. The goal for each frame is to drag the picture pieces from their scattered placement to the exact locations with the aim to connect and recreate the original picture.

Depending on the game mode that you pick, the number of pieces required to rearrange shall change. For Easy mode, there are 24 pieces for you to input into the board, while the number is 48 for Hard mode. Pick the model that suits you best with your experience with puzzle games like this one!

Figuring out the exact locations for centerpieces will not be an easy feat as each piece contains more details than the ones at the edge. Keep playing and trying out a new strategy to figure out the best way to pick the one to arrange into the images within the shortest time frame.

The clock on the right-sided panel will record your time used for each level, as well as the bonus scores were given to each player. Do your best to shorten the wasted time and gather the top scores for a high ranking on the chosen Leaderboard. Feel free to tackle other genres such as action, arcade, sports, girl games, and so on with some famous options such as Mahjong Kitchen and Block Magic Puzzle from our website at!

Instructions for Magical Jigsaw:

Click, drag, and drop the pieces using the left mouse button.

Move the puzzle using the touchpad on mobiles and tablets.