Totem Volcano

The volcano land of Totem Volcano is filled with a hidden volcano that will explode at any moment if you fail to bring the magical totem to the safe platform. Learn how to retrieve the blocks one by one without damaging the totem and make sure to choose the right sequence to bring it down slowly. First, observe the order and the placement of the blocks to find out how to choose the right ones to remove.

Once you have come up with a strategy, start moving the blocks by clicking on them. As you are incinerating blocks to complete the puzzles, keep in mind that once the totem falls on the ground without any block to support underneath, the volcano will explode. Avoid the anger of the volcano at all costs to protect the villagers! This game from ABCya 4 puzzle game collection has two versions of game modes for you to freely select: Prolog and Classic. Each comes with 8 different levels and unique rules of placing to make it more and more challenging. The players will also get to control a wide variety of blocks with different materials such as wood, stone, glass, bricks, and many other special types. Use the distinct material to your advantage and conquer all these increasingly challenging stages for the best totem artwork at the end of the game at!

You will also get to meet the native inhabitants and showcase the talents in arranging and managing the resources for the best results ever. Don't forget to use your logical thinking and problem-solving techniques in other free games such as Fit And Squeeze and Búlica! Our free list of games is filled with the latest gaming options and it's definitely worth the time to uncover the hardest challenges ever!

Instructions: Click to remove the blocks and save the villagers.