Transport Wavy Jigsaw

Explore the new transportation journey with this new selection from ABCya 4 online game: Transport Wavy Jigsaw! Not only is it a new addition for kids who love a fascinating jigsaw but it's also a great choice if you are all for a bit of brainstorming. There are two game modes for kids who love arranging jigsaws. Depending on your personal experience, pick a suitable difficulty level to accommodate your skills.

Try out the harder modes or the simpler ones to find out where you are on the ranking board as well! Drag and drop the picture pieces to the right placement on the blank frame. Your mission is to use the least moves and conquer the frame within the shortest time frame so that your score record can be the highest among the other players. Keep your eyes on the original frames for as long as possible to memorize the location of each piece before starting to arrange the remaining ones.

If you can't remember the positions of any of the pieces, feel free to use the hints or the suggestions given to you in the game. However, as these hints are limited in numbers, keep in mind that you should use them properly and wisely. Save some for the harder levels when you progress to the higher part of the game.

Also, this game is available with one touch of your finger, therefore, feel free to share it with your family or friends for a blast! Other equally exciting gaming selections such as Dalo will also be added to the gaming list at so that you can enjoy them any time you want! Don't forget to take your scores to the Leaderboard and compete to see which rank you might conquer!


Use the mouse cursor to choose the pieces and move them to the right positions.