Bouncing Bug

Bounce up and down using the control key so that you can save the bug here at Bouncing Bug - the latest ABCya online game 4 free! It's a mission to keep the bug safe within the board and make sure that it steers clear of the other obstacles. On the screen, you will see some black items popping onto the main screen from time to time. These are the ones that will make your beetles lose balanced or drop from the motion.

Keep your beetles away from them at all costs, regardless of the progress you are on. This game is also cool in the part where you need to constantly move. Each beetle comes with a total of three lives only. One contact or collision with the black items and you will lose one of these precious lives. Is it possible for you to conquer the tips and tricks as well as the interesting set of flying techniques of bouncing bugs?

This thrilling game is filled with unexpected obstacles, so brace yourself. They will automatically move down from the top of the screen, which requires the players to react quickly. It's all about agility and the ability to keep the territory of giant beetles. How many gold coins will you be able to continuously gain?

Keep in mind that ferocious animals are your enemies. The bug bounces after every turn that you pick or every corner that it hits. Regardless of the narrow space, move flexibly and use the motion of beetles to your advantage so that you can dodge the obstacles faster. Would you like to improve and train your skills with other fun games like Handyman 3D from our website of

Game controls:

Click the left button or touchpad to make the bug change the direction.