Lucky Fisherman

Luck might be on your side in this game of Lucky Fisherman, but you can demonstrate your top experience when it comes to the fishing session and bring home the most fish possible! It's a new exploring game for kids from ABCya puzzle game with the main theme of exploring the world of fishing and the different body of water. Not only is it a good game for kids to learn how to control the hook but it also focuses on the timing of the drop.

If you can do well enough to get the required number of fish within the timeframe, the level will be cleared in no time! The game is easy enough for boys, girls, and kids of all ages to enjoy, and the difficulty levels shall increase significantly throughout the progress to make the game more and more interesting for you. Feel free to dive into this game and learn how to catch the biggest fish with your limited time.

Release the hook when it's the right timing and estimate the movement so that the hook can reach the fish that you intend to. Make sure to control the time and control the number of times that you can release the hook to avoid running out of time before managing to gather enough scores. The higher your scores are, the higher your rewards are.

Do your best to purchase plenty of updates from the store at and make your hook stronger! Enjoy the atmospheric music in the background that creates a soothing environment for you to have fun fishing with the main character for a long time. Would you like to dive into more games like Home Decor Memory and Cats Rotate with a similar cool theme and amazing gameplay later?

Controlling keys:

Click or tap on the mobile screen to release the hook.