Macarons Block Collapse

Your job in Macarons Block Collapse is very simple, but it's not easy to get it done correctly. As the collector, you will bring all the macrons of the same color together in this new ABCya puzzle game. Some of them are placed close by, however, for most of them, you will have to brainstorm a way to switch the position to make them closer. Only the lines that are horizontally or vertically connected can be cleared from the board and those will bring the players a new score.

The ultimate goal is to clear all the macarons off the board and leave nothing behind, but if you fail to do so, you can always retry the level for more experience and skills. Find the group of two or more to form a full line and bring your scores to the final result. Keep in mind that the more macarons you can add in a line before it's automatically cleared, the higher your bonuses and rewards will be. The ultimate bonus and boosters shall arrive once you hit the target of full 7 Macrons in a single turn.

Use your random power-up wisely to clear off as many items as possible. From the explosive bomb to the arrows or the magnetic chains, each has its perks and it's up to you to take advantage of them. Don't collect only one macaron per turn because of your limited moves! Make sure to use the information in the Project box to see how much a collection is worth. Only by reaching or passing each level target amount will you be able to clear all the macarons visible on the board for the highest scores possible. Try out more grid of puzzle games like Ricocheting Orange and Onet Fruit Classic from our website,!

Instructions: Play using the mouse or touch the screen.