Lanechange 3D

Lanechange 3D will be the best game to tackle on a high-speed track that consists of so many lanes that you will have to keep your eyes open in order to win. Avoid crashing at all costs while switching back and forth between the lanes to gather coins. It's a 3D simulation game with an exciting rule and setting for kids of all ages. To stay alive on a highway, your car needs to switch lanes and move forward without crashing or hitting the other cars.

This will not be easy as in this intense challenge from ABCya 4, your skills of choosing the perfect timing will be the best to accommodate your movement throughout the track. Endless traffic will pose many threats to your car, from the huge trucks, big ambulance cars to the minivans. Behind some of the cars are glowing gold coins that will add to your scores if you manage to capture them. Once the game starts, start moving into the lanes and enjoy the excitement of moving through the crowded tracks. Don't forget that you have to constantly lookout for the car with gold coins to stick to them. It's a fun and hilarious game in which you will feel the urge to keep gaining more and more coins to purchase items and unlock new checkpoints!

In, our new list of games daily will consists of some popular options such as Furious Road and Rage Road that have similar gameplay, so check them out freely! In this game, if you crash or hit other cars, there will be an option that you watch a video to revive the turn. If you choose not to, simply start over and have fun rolling from the starting points! Nothing is holding you from using your creative strategy and zig-zag movement to roll your way through the tracks.

Instructions: Click on the screen to change the lanes.