Millionaire: Trivia Game Show

If you have been familiar with one of the most famous classic quiz shows on television, this virtual version of ABCya new game called Millionaire: Trivia Game Show will be nothing strange to you! It has similar gameplay and more challenging questions to wreck your mind, intellect, and knowledge regarding trivia knowledge. Utilize everything that you know and rock this new game with a total of 15 questions.

The difficulty of the questions shall increase, especially after you hit the special benchmark or checkpoints. Four lifelines or hints are available for you as these are to help with too difficult questions that you have no clue of. Put your random facts and trivia knowledge to test and bring home the highest prize! For each question, you get four options to pick from. Select only the correct answer from the four options in the batch. Continue to repeat the session until when you reach the final question!

Your knowledge can turn into the highest prize of a million play dollars here at as a virtual reward! It's also a good game to enhance your knowledge on these, as well as to practice the fast-paced challenges. You only have a limited time frame to pick the answer for each question. If you don't select any option within the said time, you will fail the stage. Enjoy the amazing graphics with smooth and responsive gameplay.

Classic rules are the best and you can look forward to a wide range of questions, ranging from common knowledge to specialized ones. Will you be able to ace this intellectual challenge with only four hints in your pocket? Other equally fun games such as Rubek will be a suitable choice for your next gaming option, so check them out later!


Use the mouse or tap on the screen to pick the answer.