Point To Point Birds

Point To Point Birds tests your ability to create a bigger frame from the smaller given points in the cutest drawing session for kids of all ages! Here in this game from https://abcya4.net/, you will be targeting the final goal of clearing all the levels with 10 cute images of the birds in our forest. For each stage, the game will give you some guidelines in the terms of points that you can use to connect and recreate the original image.

To gather the top scores, the players need to imagine the original frames as fast as possible and connect the dots in the right order. There will be a number given on each dot so that you can know which to connect to first. Start with number 1 and work your way toward the increasing number to make the image complete in the shortest timeframe. If you can complete the total of ten bird images in the record time, your name shall be kept on the 1st position of the game's Leaderboard.

This game comes with a colorful and vibrant set of images for kids to freely spread their imagination and learn to fill in the pictures. How many chapters in this point connecting game will you be able to crack in your free time? Plenty of new games with a variety of genres and themes, as well as unique gaming designs will bring the top experience to you, so check them out at ABCya new games!

There is a clock on the top of the screen to record your time once you start connecting the dots. Stay alert and keep track of your wasted time with this clock to get a grip on your progress during the game! Explore the world of free games filled with the top choices such as Crossword Puzzles and Tower Match for a relaxing game time online!

Instructions: Use the mouse to connect the dots.