Restoration Master

If you are a die-hard fan of assembling games, this new gaming option Restoration Master will be one of the most suitable choices for your entertainment time. This journey of transforming the items that are old and rusty and giving them a new life will be both exciting and rewarding. Let's learn how to fix the broken pieces and watch how forgotten things can take on a new life here at ABCya land!

You can learn the most basic skills required to become a restorer with experience in dealing with a variety of items, each is different in shapes, materials, and broken parts. First, create your workshop and receive new requests for restoring various items. It can be anything from household tools, and gardening tools, to furniture, and other infrastructure. The higher your level, the harder the fixing requirement will be. In order to bring back the life of all these objects, you need to master the required set of techniques available.

A wide range of items such as old furniture, candlestick, modern weapons, and rare antiques are your main objectives of the game. Learn the basics of the mechanism from the beginning of the game before diving into this addictive gameplay where the kids get to explore hundreds of levels available for zero cost! Let's see if you can fill up your individual collections of items with the strangest pieces or not! Try to search for common, irregular, special, and even bizarre items to make your collection stand out among the other players here at!

Do all the work from soaking the items, cleaning them, and washing off the dirt with foam, to wiping and polishing the pieces. If you manage to make it look like a new one, your mission has succeeded! Emerge in more games like Math Signs Game to explore your talents!

Controls: Click to interact.