Roller Ski Queen

We are gathering the best competitors for this new race and performance among the skiers and finding out who is the Roller Ski Queen! If the idea of becoming the most dazzling queen who can skate like a champ attracts you, let's hit on this game from ABCya 2022 now! The players of this game are not scared of performing dangerous stunts on ice as well as showcasing their talents when it comes to such a difficult track.

Once you join the game, you will emerge into an excellent ice skating game with a realistic 1st person point of view that makes you feel like you are skiing down the slope for real. While rolling, make sure to catch the scattered gold coins to gain scores. Keep an eye out for some boosters like the magnets to attract the coin faster.

You can even collect the sharp blades to destroy obstacles, dodge the pipe that is staying on your lane, and use coins to upgrade and purchase nice ski clothes to stand out! Only the bravest and the ones with the best techniques can become the most dashing stars on ice with this game! Let's hop right in and enjoy the colorful graphics while experimenting with the intuitive interface that players of all ages can play.

Just swipe to the left and right to control the direction that the skier is heading. Don't forget to avoid the collision with other obstacles as well. Your job will be done once the character finishes the race and become the 1st one on the finish line. If this sports-themed game is your cup of tea, feel free to go ahead and hop into more games like The Besties Tattooist and Tactical Princess later in your free time at!

Controlling keys:

Use the mouse cursor to move to the left and the right.