Tactical Princess

Tactical Princess is the new girl dressing game cross-over with a puzzle game in our new game collection of ABCya land! You will get to help the princess in this game prepare for her next tactical battle by gathering enough clothing and equipment that are necessary for it. However, it's a puzzle game so you will have to match the cards in several minigames to win the items.

The game takes on the classic gameplay of matching the cards and throws in a twist related to the items gained. You will get some new motivation for gathering more clothes pieces to dress up the princess in the best outfits and equipment! It has the theme of a holiday dedicated to the defenders of the kingdom. Our princess will join a paintball match to celebrate the occasion.

Your job in this game is to use your memory to match the pairs of similar cards when they are flipped over. First, the game allows the players to look and memorize the placement of the cards. Then, once they have been flipped, you can only realize on your memory to choose the most precise pairs. If you choose the wrong cards, they will be flipped again. The more pairs you can unlock, the more items you will gain for your princess.

Let's see if you can help your princess become the most stylish tactical princess in the event! Thanks to the unique gameplay and stylish fashion items that the players can gain. If you love this game, you can join some other games like Wild Animal Doctor Adventure at https://abcya4.net/. Don't miss your chance of playing it for free right now and be creative to make the best outfits, even for a paintball battle!

Controlling keys: use the left button to select the cards and pick the items.