Super Noob Captured Miner

Super Noob goes to jail for false charges. Now, to prove his innocence, he will need to get out of it. You in the game Super Noob Captured Miner will help him with this. Your character was able to get out of the cell and get a pickaxe. Now he will need to use it to dig. You will use the joystick to control its actions. With their help, you will show the hero the direction in which he will have to dig. Look closely at the screen. In different places underground, you will find keys scattered. You will need to make sure that your hero collects these items. For them you will get points, and your hero will receive various bonuses.

The objective of the game is to help the little noob escape from the prison by digging the earth. Draw where to dig to open a field through the earth without being discovered! Gather the gold you find to work on your score yet be careful with the risks on the ground like dynamites, risky articles! On your way you can find other noobs who tried to escape but got stuck, help them and improve your score with each attempt.

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How to play:

Use the mouse or WASD to play.