Susun Atas

Would you like to try out the daily work of an employee at one of the most famous shipping companies from ABCya land? It's your first day of work in this packaging factory, however, you are transferred and given more special work. It's the type of work that is done by professionals since it requires both reflexes and arrangement skills. Today, you will be loading tons of scattered packages and boxes that are filled with goods to the truck. It's not just simply throwing them into the back of the truck.

You will have to come up with a way to arrange them to optimize the small space. The more boxes you can fill the truck with, the higher your scores are. However, it might be difficult due to the limited space. Try your best and make use of the boxes shapes to mix them up like Tetris pieces! Arrange suitable shapes together to fix them and avoid leaving any blank space unfilled. A tip for the newcomers is to adjust the position of the packages so as to keep them steady. If you leave them flip upside down or sideways, the goods will be ruined or spilled, which leads to an unsuccessful mission. There will be an arrow on each box. You just have to flip the packages untile when the arrow is showing upward. That specifies the correct direction of the boxes.

The rule and mechanism of this interesting game from is that for one click on the box, it will turn 90 degrees counterclockwise. Don't click on the packages too much, instead, think of a specific strategy first before making any moves. It's best to be wise and make your step carefully in this type of puzzle game for both boys and girls. Enjoy the colorful blocks and high-quality graphics of more similar games such as Minesweeper Mania and Buca

Instructions: Click to rotate and flip the packages.