Minesweeper Mania

Minesweeper Mania will bring you down the memory lane with the classic gameplay that you used to enjoy on the old CPU. The rules and the theme as well as the design of this game from ABCya land remain unchanged. But there will be harder placements of bombs, which means that you will need to tackle using better strategy and smarter moves to defuse the bombs as soon as possible. The clock is ticking to count the time that each player takes to finish off one turn. Keep in mind that you are racing against the clock, therefore, it's best to search quickly and reveal all the mines the fastest you can.

It's a classic yet thrilling gameplay thanks to the unexpected placement of bombs. You have to be very careful while brainstorming the location of the mines because if you make one wrong move, all of your efforts can be wasted. This is one of the best puzzles to improve your problem-solving techniques, logical thinking ability, and the precision in calculating. Since this is the updated version from https://abcya4.net/, there will be more features of customizing at each level such as changing themes and using hints. Responsive touch and highly recommended set of levels are waiting for you and your intelligence!

Your mission is to locate and to open all the blocks that do not contain a mine. These blocks will be indicated by the number of on it. Once a block with mine is set off, the game will be over. For each successful non-bomb block, you will get a number to help show the total number of mines in the eight surrounding blocks. Put a flag on any block that you think contain mines to mark it. After figuring out all the mine location, keep on challenging your ability with a harder puzzle like Buca and Sort Hoop

Controls: Click using the mouse to choose the mine block.