Veggie Slice Frenzy

Swing your powerful blade around and make sure to not miss out on any piece of veggies in this game of Veggie Slice Frenzy! Enjoy this ABCya new game of arcade and interactive game theme that allows kids to demonstrate some moves. Hit the veggie pieces showing up on the screen one by one and use your blade to gather more combos. Combos can be earned when you can successfully slide through more than one or two pieces of veggies at once.

There might be plenty of bombs and explosives hidden among the bunch, so pay attention before swinging your bade. Once you have grasped the basics and controls of the game, start slashing and swinging your blade around the screen to not only cut through the veggies but also to make the best patterns. If you can hit a group of three or even four pieces, you can easily earn double, triple, and quadruple rewards for your skills.

If you are an advanced player, spice up the gameplay and raise the difficulty bar to activate the one and only frenzy mode! The fruits will pop up like crazy and make your journey more exciting! More fruits equal more chances of gathering combos, as well as more risks of hitting the scattered bombs.

This means that you will need to utilize your best ninja skills to defeat the challenge and the boss veggies! This charming gameplay is available with thrilling background music and smooth animation. Grab a friend to dive into the world of exhilirating games with a variety of genres like Happy Cat Puzzle and Resize Mahjong from our gaming list at! Give your best to win the top-ranged scores fully!

How to play:

Use the mouse or the touchpad on mobiles to cut the veggies.