Resize Mahjong

The Mahjong tiles here at Resize Mahjong will bear the images of different animals, each with its unique images and separation in placement. If you are good at spotting the pairs with similar images, this game of ABCya puzzle will easily be your next choice in terms of a quick and easy game for kids. You will target a simple and regular match of Mahjong in which you are required to gather the most groups with similar pieces.

On each piece of Mahjong on the board, you will find a specific image of animals printed. The goal is to match the tiles of similar shapes and sizes, along with similar animal prints to get the highest scores possible. If the pair of tiles doesn't include the same shape and size, you will not be able to remove them.

A new rule is that you can combine tiles of different sizes among themselves as long as the animal icons are identical. Tiles with the same animals will be the key to clearing out the playing field with no remaining pieces behind. Let's see if you can free all the 40 animals from this board without using any hints or boosters!

Feel free to take advantage of the hints or shuffle to switch up the layout and the stacking of the pieces once you are stuck. If there are too many tiles placing on top of the others, it might be difficult to get a way out. There are tons of challenging puzzles resembling this one in terms of gameplay, styling, and graphics such as Happy Cat Puzzle and Cut Grass from our list of games at, so check them out at your convenience!

Controlling keys:

Click and move the mouse cursor to pick and select the pair of Mahjong pieces.